By Mark Gallagher

The Nats don’t appear to be headed to the World Series again.

But they have come up with a way for fans to come to Nationals Park three days after the World Series would end on Oct. 31.

They have have offered up Nationals Park to be the site of a “Super Vote Center” in D.C.

Michael Bennett, the chair of D.C.’s Board of Elections, said the team called his office several days ago and offered to make space available at the park for ballot boxes.

“I thought they were talking about some other location, and I said, ‘Are you talking about the real Nationals stadium?’ And they said, ‘Yes,’” Bennett said.

After staff from the park examined the stadium, he said, all signs point to the stadium being a good fit for a large voting site. Final details still need to be worked out.

“This fall, we can help make sure one of our most important civic responsibilities can be completed as seamlessly and safely as possible. We are thrilled to help alleviate some of the challenges associated with voting during a pandemic and support the Board of Elections by opening Nationals Park as an election site,” Nationals owner Mark D. Lerner said in a statement.

While voters won’t be able to vote for president while standing on home base, Bennett believes they’ll still get a great view of the field.

Capital One Arena has already agreed to become what the District is calling a “Super Vote Center,” and Bennett said in addition to Nationals Park, other potential large voting sites are being considered. He said the sites allow for the processing of more voters at one time, which would help speed up the process.

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