By Nancy Halperin

According to 106.7 The Fan’s Chris Lingebach, WFT owner Dan Snyder tried to stop the Post from revealing the most damaging elements of its recent about sexual harassment inside his organization.

Snyder issued a combative public statement hammering the Post for authoring a ‘hit job’ against him that relied on, in his words, “unnamed sources and allegations that are largely ten to twenty years old.”

Will Hobson, a co-author on the report, is pushing back against Snyder’s narrative, revealing to The Sports Junkies that the Washington owner tried to have the parts of the story about him removed before publication.

The Post had been in communication with Snyder’s representation prior to publishing its report, affording Snyder an opportunity to respond to the allegations ahead of time, but Snyder declined.

“There was some dispute over whether or not those conversations were on the record,” Hobson told The Sports Junkies yesterday. “We viewed part of them as on the record, and now apparently they all are, because Dan put out that statement.”

“There was this protracted back and forth between us as reporters and editors and then representatives of Dan, a PR firm and a lawyer,” Hobson explained. “And they ultimately refused to offer any type of on-the-record statement, which is unusual in these circumstances. And effectively what that bought them was about eight hours of the story being online yesterday with no comment from them, and then they published the statement that I think is basically what they would have given to us, and then we incorporated it in the story, which we would have done if they had given it to us before we published the story.”

“So I was a little confused by the strategy there, but you are correct in inferring that, yeah, there was a back and forth,” he said. “They were basically trying to convince us to delete whole sections of the story, and we told them we were not going to do that, so they just waited until after the story was out to put out their statement.”

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