By Lewis Gould

Washington Football Team owner Daniel Snyder has indicated to the Wall Street Journal that he is open to keeping the team’s temporary name permanently.

When asked by 106.7 about keeping the name for good, Snyder wrote in an email: “Sure, it’s possible!”

“If the Washington Football Team name catches on and our fans embrace it then we would be happy to have it as our permanent name,” he wrote. “I think we have developed a very classy retro look and feel,” Snyder told The WSJ.

Snyder went on to write he and his family had considered renaming the team “multiple times” over the years.

In the past, the Washington owner had repeatedly denied he would ever change the name, including a now-infamous 2013 statement to USA TODAY: “We’ll never change the name,” he said. “It’s that simple. NEVER — you can use caps.”

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