By Michael Strong

WFT is in its first season under head coach Ron Rivera, who was diagnosed with squamous cell cancer last August, and missed the team’s practice last Wednesday and left practice early the following day because of the effects of chemotherapy.

But even though no fans were allowed to attend Washington’s game at FedEx Field, the team decided to surprise Rivera in a unique way to show him how many people support him. 

Rivera, who coached the Carolina Panthers before joining the Football Team in the offseason, was touched by the gesture and said that his battle with cancer made him realize the importance of his friends and the state of the country’s medical system:

“But when you see things like this and the people that support you and the notes that I got from people I consider friends, it’s tremendous,” Rivera told ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio. “It just really shows that you’re not doing this by yourself. There’s a whole bunch of people helping you do this. And I also think that is speaks to the value of proper medical for our country. I really do. Going through the things I’m going through, seeing what these things cost, I just hope everybody’s protected and covered. I really do.”


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