By Lewis Gould

The WFT can clinch the sorry-ass NFC East and a playoff spot next Sunday with a win over the Carolina Panthers (4-10) and the Giants lose or tie the Baltimore Ravens (9-5).

Football Outsiders give them a 70.9 percent chance to win the division. The Giants (14 percent) and Eagles (10 percent) are closest after losing and the Dallas Cowboys (5-9) are at 5.1 percent after a win over the 49ers. gives Washington a 76 percent chance to clinch and that number goes to a 96 percent chance with a win Sunday over the Panthers.

Of course, a Washington loss would see their playoff chances drop to 44 percent, which would further fall if New York or Philadelphia win. And that is a nightmare scenario for Washington: Lose to Carolina and either the Giants beat Baltimore and/or the Eagles beat the Cowboys.

A loss and Giants win would give New York a chance to win the NFC East with a win in Week 17 over the Cowboys.

If both New York and Washington lose Sunday, but the Eagles win, Washington would face a win-or-go-home game in Week 17 in Philadelphia against rookie QB Jalen Hurts.

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