By Sally Martin

San Jose Mercury News writer Wes Goldberg said he believes Golden State is able to field the most competitive trade offer of all the teams that could be courting Beal, who was just named as an All-Star starter for the first time in his nine-year career.

It would likely require the Warriors to give up two to three top assets, but Goldberg said he believes they could pull it off.

Goldberg said that while Beal would be coveted by nearly all teams in the NBA, there might not be any that could put together a more enticing trade package than the Warriors. While it would mean giving up a highly coveted pick along with a budding young big man, Goldberg said that the Warriors might be able to put together a package that no one could match.

“The Warriors have accumulated assets that put their trade package ahead of all but a few teams,” he said. “If the Warriors wanted to take all of their chips and put them on the table, and what we’re talking about really is James Wiseman and this Minnesota pick.”

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