By Peter Gleason

The NFL has proposed a COVID-19 vaccination mandate for players, but the NFL Players Association is opposed, league deputy general counsel Larry Ferazani said yesterday.

The comments come a day after union president and Browns center JC Tretter said on ESPN Radio the league never asked for a mandate.

Ferazani said he didn’t know where Tretter’s comment came from.

“We would love to see that mandate go into effect tomorrow,” he added.

The NFLPA has also pushed to return to daily COVID-19 testing for all players, Ferazani said, while the league has proposed testing vaccinated players once a week. Currently, vaccinated players are tested every two weeks, while unvaccinated players are tested daily.

According to NFL chief medical officer Dr. Allen Sills, almost 93 percent of NFL players are vaccinated, with more than 99 percent of coaches and staff. There have been 68 confirmed positive cases across the league since training camp begun, Sills said, with the incidence rate among the unvaccinated seven times higher than among the vaccinated (2.2 percent incidence rate among unvaccinated versus 0.3 percent among vaccinated players).

The league said in a memo last month that teams with a COVID-19 outbreak would be forced to forfeit games if they cannot reschedule during the current 18-week schedule.

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