By Lewis Gould

At the NFL owners meeting in New York, WFT’s Tanya Snyder made an inauspicious debut.

During the afternoon’s session, Snyder followed a spirited back-and-forth between the commissioner and Raiders owner Mark Davis by standing to address the room with a prepared statement. She said she was sorry that the investigation had created so much negative attention and apologized to those affected by the investigation itself, such as Davis. She said the team wanted to move forward and went on the offensive.

Snyder said she and her husband had been extorted by their limited partners. She’d also told the group that neither she nor her husband were responsible for leaking the emails that wound up leading to Jon Gruden’s ouster in Las Vegas, and that her husband doesn’t even have an email account.

And while she showed regret that the matter wasn’t handled internally, she never took responsibility for her own or her husband’s role in the workplace climate in Washington, other than to say that the team would “get this right.”

A brief, awkward silence followed Snyder’s monologue, before Goodell moved the session along. “Tone-deaf,” is how one person in the room described Snyder’s remarks to SI.com.

Two more owners agreed with that characterization, when asked about Snyder’s handling of a situation that has the NFL facing a congressional inquiry.


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