By Max Harper

NFL owners will vote on ratifying the sale of the Commanders from Daniel Snyder to Josh Harris on July 20.

The Post reports that NFL owners received a memo yesterday letting them know that the meeting would take place on July 20.

Snyder and Harris have agreed to a sale price of $6.05 billion. For the sale to become official, at least 24 of the NFL’s 32 teams have to vote to ratify it.

Everything is on track,” a source told the Post. “The team and the league and the Harris group all want to get this done. I don’t see any real problems there. . . . There’s every reason to believe it should get done by then.”

The July 20 date had been seen as likely, with the league hoping to have the sale done before NFL teams open training camp. The Commanders open camp on July 26.

Last year’s sale of the Broncos was also finalized with a meeting of the owners over the summer. The vote in that case was unanimous, and there’s been no indication that there’s any opposition to the Commanders’ sale.

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