By Mark Donovan

Sam Howell finished 11 for 26 (42.3 percent) for 102 yards and a 50.5 passer rating. He took one sack (his 59th of the season) and ran for 22 yards.

Jacoby Brissett racked up 124 yards and two touchdowns on 8-for-10 passing. He finished with a 157.9 passer rating — not bad for his first real action of the season.

“I’ve been in the league for a little bit, and you kind of know what it looks like,” Terry McLaurin said of his connection with Brissett.

“Obviously we’ve continued to help Sam grow and develop, but you can’t beat the experience [Brissett has] had. … He’s been a starter in multiple places, he’s played in big games, he’s come in and been a backup and came in for Cleveland — he’s basically seen it all. What I like about him most is he’s always ready for his opportunity. He’s like a coach out there. He’s been a great mentor for Sam, and he’s been a great leader for our locker room.”

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