By Miranda Hardley

After quarterback Sam Howell was intercepted midway through the fourth quarter in Sunday’s loss to the Los Angeles Rams, Commanders coach Ron Rivera sat Howell for veteran Jacoby Brissett, who led the Commanders on two touchdown drives, trimming the Rams’ lead to 28-20, but it wasn’t enough for Washington to pull off the upset.

After the game, Rivera said there was no quarterback controversy and that Howell remains Washington’s starter.

“He’s our starting quarterback,” Rivera said. Rivera noted that removing Howell from the game was more about protecting him than benching him.

What was Howell’s reaction?

“Yeah, they just kind of told me they were going to take me out of there,” Howell said after the game. “But it is what it is. I just got to play better. We had some things there on offense, and we did some good things throughout the game, but it just wasn’t good enough. I got to play better, got to execute better.”

What did Howell pick up from seeing Brissett in the game and succeeding?

“Yeah, I’ve picked up a lot from him just throughout the whole entire year ever since he’s gotten here and just the way he’s supported me and just the things he’s taught me,” Howell said.

“He played well. He did a good job. He was dealing the football and giving guys a chance.”

Washington coaches have praised Brissett this season for how he’s been an outstanding teammate and leader and, most importantly, a mentor for Howell.

Rivera made the right call in squashing any potential quarterback controversy. The Commanders are going nowhere. There will be a new regime. Howell needs to play the final three games, whether he struggles or not.

As with other situations this season, we’ll learn more about Howell from his response next week than from his actual benching on Sunday.

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